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Vivio Technologies offers a variety of powerful, affordable, and flexible hosting services to cater to every need. Our goal is that every service we offer be as powerful, flexible, and affordable as we can make it. That way you are always guaranteed the best value.

Adobe ColdFusion Hosting

Adobe is the industry leader for ColdFusion processing engines. Vivio specializes in Adobe ColdFusion Hosting and ColdFusion VPS Hosting using Adobe ColdFusion Server.

None of our ColdFusion plans include any restrictions on the ColdFusion engine. You have direct access to the ColdFusion Administrator, and access to all the tags that are available to the ColdFusion engine by default....   [MORE]

Open BlueDragon Hosting

Open BlueDragon is the first open-source ColdFusion Markup Language processing engine to offer unparalleled compatibility with existing CFML standards. The processing engine that powers Open BlueDragon was also the first engine ever to incorporate the CFIMAGE, CFTHREAD, and CFIMAP tags.

Open BlueDragon continues to innovate with features such as Amazon S3 support, render(), and the CFJAVASCRIPT tag.

Vivio Technologies plays a large part in the direction of this engine as well, with our founder, Jordan Michaels, who sits on the Steering Committee for this engine....   [MORE]

Railo Hosting

Railo (pronounced "Rye-low"), is a very popular CFML processing engine that has been open-sourced. Railo is best known for its amazing CFML rendering speed. Some of the benchmarks for this engine are simply amazing.

Railo is also an innovator by being the first CFML engine to implement the CFVIDEO tag - which makes it extremely simple to add embedded videos into any web application....   [MORE]

Tomcat Hosting

Need a pure JAVA/JSP interpretor? Vivio officially supports the completely open-source Tomcat servlet engine. Released by the Apache foundation, Tomcat is a tried-and-true engine of choice....   [MORE]

Mura Hosting

Mura is a cuttong-edge Content Management System (CMS) that utilizes clean, extensible CFML code. Officially supported by Blue River Interactive with Templates, Add-Ons, and Enterprise-ready support, Mura will help you take your site to the next level....   [MORE]