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Pacific Power Blue Sky - Renewable Energy Business Partner

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BlueSky Icon Vivio is proud to be a Visionary Member of the Pacific Power BlueSky Renewable Energy Program - the highest membership level available.

By participating in the BlueSky program, Vivio ensures that its power usage comes from renewable energy sources. Power usage is calculated by comparing the draw of power from the power grid to the amount of power that's provided to the grid via renewable energy sources.
100% Committed to Renewable Energy
  • Naturally Rich Wind Resources

    Eco Icon The Walla Walla Valley - where the Vivio Technologies data center is located - is rich in natural wind resources. Because of this, all of the efforts of the BlueSky program in Washington State have been placed on working torward increasing wind-generated power resources, such as wind-turbines throughout the Walla Walla Valley and the Columbia Basin in general. These initiatives are not only being enjoyed by Vivio Technologies, but other well-known data center locations reside in this eco-friendly environment as well. Data Centers such as the Google Data Center in The Dalles, the VMWare and Yahoo Data Centers in Winachee, etc, all benefit from the wind-generated renewable energy sources being built in the area.

  • Strong Hydro Electric State Support

    Eco Icon Vivio Technologies is located in the relatively small town of Walla Walla, in Washington State. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, Washington State is powered almost entirely by Hydro Electric sources. (Reference Link) Even more, Washington State produces almost 30% of the United States total Hydro Electric power. This makes Washington State one of the "greenest" states in the nation, as the majority of our power is generated from renewable sources.

  • Energy Conscious Equipment

    Eco Icon Vivio Technologies knows that Data Centers are a major source of carbon emmissions due to their intense power use. Vivio spends extra effort to make sure that our equiptment is as power-effecient as possible. This lowers our carbon footprint and makes our data center not only more affordable, but also more environmentally friendly.