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What is Lucee?

Lucee is a next-generation, open-source CFML scripting engine.

Lucee is fast: boasting incredible speed and a dramatically smaller memory footprint than comparable processing engines, Lucee lowers TCO and improves system utilization.

Lucee is flexible: Lucee is extremely compatible with most traditional CFML code. This means it is easy to migrate existing CFML applications to utilize Lucee as well as create new applications quickly using Lucee's rapid development tools.

Lucee is free: Liberally licensed under the LGPL and independently managed by the Lucee Association, you are free to customize Lucee to your specific needs and free to build, deploy, and distribute applications using the Lucee processing engine.

Visit the official site of Lucee Server at


Lucee is a next-generation of open-source development language built on top of Java.

Fast Cache

Lucee is fast, really fast. Intelligent caching systems are built right into the Lucee Core.

Free and Open

With full source available on GitHub, Lucee is both free to customize and free to use.

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