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Welcome to Vivio Technologies, a community-focused hosting company.
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Our Mission

live, grow, develop...

The name "Vivio" is derived from the word "Vitality", which can be defined as "The capacity to live, grow, or develop".

As a company, it is our professional goal to make your life better. We believe that the purpose of technology is to simplify and make our lives easier.

Our Technical Support department is driven by this commitment, and we do everything we can to make your business as worry-free and hassle-free as possible — that way you can focus on things you enjoy doing.

Vivio does its best to support worthy causes. We have donated frequently to charitable organizations over the years and it is a practice we plan to continue. We donate to both environmental and social charitable organizations.

We are a Christian Corporation and we believe it is one of our purposes and responsibilities to help our fellow men and women in any way we're able. By doing business with Vivio Technologies, not only will you be working with a company that is dedicated to making your life easier, but also dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone.